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Siemens Open Source Team

Who we are

We are a cross-organizational team of employees passionate about Open Source Software. We are commited to make Siemens a a recognized player in the global Open Source Community.

Our team is made up of employees with different level of expertise in many different domains, each bringing unique skills and perspectives to the table. Together, we work towards a common goal of creating high-quality software that benefits Siemens products and the Open Source communities.

Our work ethics are focused on collaboration, transparency, ownership and value creation.

Our mission

Our mission is to encourage and facilitate the use of Open Source Software within Siemens. We help our organization innovate faster and be more sustainable by reusing as much Open Source Software as needed and contribute back ideas and changes to the Open Source communities.

We support Siemens teams in publishing Open Source patches or projects and act as responsible contributors in the Open software ecosystems. We bridge Open Source experts from different disciplines and business domains to enable collaboration inside and outside the company.

Our activities

Social Coding Platform

  • Internal coding platform open to all Siemens employees
  • Inner Source Portal
  • Social coding ambassadors

Siemens GitHub organization

  • Management of the Siemens Open Source community
  • Integration of GitHub services
  • Sponsoring of Open Source projects via GitHub sponsors

Open Source visibility

Community Events

Guidelines & support

  • How to publish Open Source Software
  • Training: Git & DevOps best practices

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