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The Siemens Open Source Manifesto

Are you a Siemens employee and want to learn how the Manifesto is embedded in our overall Open Source Strategy?

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Siemens has resolved to be an active and reliable member in the Open Source ecosystem. We aim to benefit our customers, employees, and the company, while contributing to the wider community. We recognize the central role of Open Source in promoting software reuse in our growing digital world, which is an increasingly important contribution in our effort to responsibly handle resources.

To ensure we can achieve and maintain our active participation, we have decided to follow these guiding principles in our commitment to Open Source:

Company Principles

  1. Encourage Open Source: Siemens will support and empower its employees to use, contribute to, and create Open Source projects.
  2. Facilitate Participation: Siemens will drive and foster active engagement in Open Source activities relevant to our company's projects.
  3. Grow Through Exposure: Siemens will encourage and facilitate learning and advancement of its employees through Open Source activities.
  4. Promote Visibility: Siemens will continuously improve and maintain a positive reputation in the Open Source community.

Employee Principles

  1. Prefer Open Source: Employees will look for suitable Open Source solutions before writing or using custom code.
  2. Contribute: Employees will favor contributing to Open Source projects over local changes within the scope of their day-to-day work.
  3. Foster Teamwork: Employees will collaborate and support each other in driving Open Source efforts.
  4. Be Responsible Citizens: Employees will always act responsibly in the Open Source community, with care and respect in both content and communication.


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The following people are committed to support the Manifesto and its implementation within Siemens:

  • Alexander Dranov (Technical Lead, Siemens Xcelerator)
  • André Muff (Head of R&D, Siemens Smart Infrastructure)
  • Andreas Fritz (DevSecOps Lead, Siemens Healthineers)
  • Andreas Schirm (Principal Key Expert, Siemens Smart Infrastructure)
  • Anıl Karadağ (Software Architect, Siemens Advanta)
  • Annemarie Große Frie (Head of Research in Energy and Electronics, Siemens Technology)
  • Annika Hauptvogel (Head of Technology & Innovation Management, Siemens Technology)
  • Antoine Auger (Senior DevOps Engineer, Siemens IT)
  • Antonín Dach (Frontend Engineer, Siemens Advanta)
  • Amy Liffey (Full Stack Developer IoT & Embedded Linux, Siemens Smart Infrastructure)
  • Ayoub Marnissi (Head of Developer Enablement Services, Siemens IT)
  • Benjamin Kusch (Senior Key Expert, Siemens IT)
  • Benjamin Schilling (Product Owner CoreShield S2L2 Linux, Siemens Mobility)
  • Björn Kaufmann (Product Owner CoreShield S2L2 Linux, Siemens Mobility)
  • Bruno Riguzzi (Cybersecurity Engineer, Siemens Digital Industries)
  • Carlos Guimarães (Postdoc Researcher, Siemens Technology)
  • Cedric Hombourger (Director Linux & IoT, Siemens Digital Industries)
  • Conrad Reisch (DevOps Enablement Lead, Siemens Digital Industries)
  • David Schafhauser (Software Architect, Siemens Digital Industries)
  • Denis Schroff (Head of Architecture Definition and Management, Siemens Technology)
  • Dirk Stockmann (Head of Software Strategy & Architecture, Siemens Smart Infrastructure)
  • Dominik Tacke (Senior Key Expert, Siemens Technology)
  • Edouard Fouché (Data Scientist, Siemens Smart Infrastructure)
  • Ercan Uçan (Senior Key Expert, Siemens IT)
  • Eric Albrecht (Senior Key Expert & Technical Lead, Siemens Healthineers)
  • Fabian Fischer (Software Architect, Siemens Communications)
  • Fabio Huser (Senior Key Expert, Siemens Smart Infrastructure)
  • Felix Otto (Lead Infrastructure Engineer, Siemens Smart Infrastructure)
  • Florian Bauer (Test Manager, Siemens Mobility)
  • Florian Greinacher (Senior DevOps Engineer, Siemens IT)
  • Gaurav Mishra (Research Engineer, Siemens Technology)
  • Gernot Hillier (Senior Engineer, Siemens Technology)
  • Hanna Hennig (Chief Information Officer)
  • Henning Fuhrmann (Head of Pre-Development & Standardization, Siemens Smart Infrastructure)
  • Herbert Taucher (Head of IC and Electronics Research, Siemens Technology)
  • Holger Schoenherr (Principal Consultant IoT Transformation, Siemens Technology)
  • Ignacio Arsuaga (Enterprise Architect, Siemens Cybersecurity)
  • Igor Milovanović (Developer Advocate, Siemens Xcelerator)
  • Ilho Song (Software Architect, Siemens Smart Infrastructure)
  • Jan Kiszka (Principal Key Expert, Siemens Technology)
  • Jan Samek (Low-level Software Engineer, Siemens Digital Industries)
  • Jelena Mitic (Head of Future of Automation, Siemens Technology)
  • Joe MacDonald (Linux Architect, Siemens Digital Industries)
  • Johannes Weiß (Software Architect, Siemens Technology)
  • Julius Wachsmuth (Agile Coach, Siemens Mobility)
  • Kai Tödter (Principal Key Expert, Siemens Smart Infrastructure)
  • Kaspar Fenner (Head of App & UI Client Engineering, Siemens Smart Infrastructure)
  • Lars Lühr (DevOps Architect, Siemens Mobility)
  • Laxminarayan Chandrashekar (Principal Software Engineer, Siemens Advanta)
  • Linus Schlumberger (Working Student, Siemens Smart Infrastructure)
  • Loris Janner (Software Engineer, Siemens Smart Infrastructure)
  • Marcel Albert (Product Owner Industrial Communication under Linux, Siemens Digital Industries)
  • Marcel Jähn (Product Owner CoreShield Remote Software Update, Siemens Mobility)
  • Marion Deveaud (Senior Engineer, Siemens Technology)
  • Martin Bischoff (Senior Key Expert, Siemens Technology)
  • Mathias Haimerl (Systems Engineer, Innomotics)
  • Mathieu Rivoalen (Technical Lead Linux for CBTC, Siemens Mobility)
  • Max Wittig (Senior Key Expert, Siemens IT)
  • Nejc Habjan (Senior DevOps Engineer, Siemens IT)
  • Nicole Wengatz (Head of Software Systems and Processes, Siemens Technology)
  • Nizar Chaouch (SVP of Software & APIs, Siemens IT)
  • Norbert Gaus (Executive VP Research and Predevelopment, Siemens Technology)
  • Oliver Fendt (Senior Manager Open Source, Siemens Technology)
  • Pascal Bach (Open Source Engineer & Architect, Siemens Smart Infrastructure)
  • Patrick Wicki (Working Student, Siemens Smart Infrastructure)
  • Pedram Hadjian (Senior Software Architect, Siemens Smart Infrastructure)
  • Peter Koerte (Chief Technology & Strategy Officer)
  • Philipp Würsch (Software Engineer, Siemens Smart Infrastructure)
  • Rathinakumar Ramanathan (Cybersecurity Architect, evosoft)
  • Rémy Hofer (Head of IoT & Domain Model, Siemens Smart Infrastructure)
  • Reinhard Frank (Senior Engineer, Siemens Technology)
  • Ricardo Carvalho da Silva (Solutions Architect & Team Leader, Siemens Digital Industries)
  • Roger Meier (Principal Key Expert, Siemens IT)
  • Roman Pavelka (Linux Strategy Group Lead, Siemens Advanta)
  • Sabine Erlinghagen (CEO Grid Software, Siemens Smart Infrastructure)
  • Shaheem Azmal M MD (Lead Research Engineer, Siemens Technology)
  • Sigurd Spieckermann (Principal Research Scientist, Siemens Technology)
  • Stefan Greim (Cloud Software Architect, evosoft)
  • Stefan Schröder (Security Governance, Siemens Mobility)
  • Steffen Klepke (Head of Development Efficiency and Open Source Software, Siemens Technology)
  • Tatiana Mangels (Head of Embedded Web Technologies, Siemens Technology)
  • Thomas Bauer (Senior Key Expert, Siemens Technology)
  • Thomas Graf (OSPO Lead, Siemens Smart Infrastructure)
  • Thomas Kiessling (Chief Technology Officer, Siemens Smart Infrastructure)
  • Thomas Scheiter (Head of Connectivity and Edge, Siemens Technology)
  • Timo Wolf (Senior Key Expert, Siemens Smart Infrastructure)
  • Tobi Appl (Cloud Ops Chief Architect, Siemens Digital Industries)
  • Urs Gleim (Head of Smart Embedded Systems, Siemens Technology)
  • Walter Schweizer (Senior Key Expert, Siemens Smart Infrastructure)

In the spirit of Open Source, our manifesto was initially inspired by the Mercedes-Benz FOSS Manifesto.

All content on this page, except the names and roles of the signatories, is licensed under CC0 1.0 Universal.